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Revolutionary Design, Proven Performance

New research proves SaddleSpur™'s design brings cyclists unrivalled comfort and elevated performance. Supported by Innovate UK Edge, scientists from the Cambridge Centre for Sport & Exercise Sciences of Anglia Ruskin University put our saddle under the microscope with remarkable results.

Six men. Six women. 10 miles of rigorous cycling. Physiological, mechanical, and perceptual data are meticulously collected and analysed. The results? Enhanced comfort, improved recovery, and faster finish times.

Due for publication in The Journal of Sports Sciences in November 2023. The cycling community is already buzzing, eagerly anticipating the performance advantages that SaddleSpur™ brings.


Transformative Potential

“These findings show that the saddle could have huge potential for cycling, through the reduced discomfort of riding and the potentially enhanced efficiency when riding up steep inclines."

Anglia Ruskin University

“We didn't just aim to build another saddle. We wanted to revolutionise the ride experience.”

John Downing, SaddleSpur™ Founder.

Get Ahead of The Pack

Take a lead in the future of cycling.


Pre-order SaddleSpur™ today.


Experience your ride like never before.

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