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  • SaddleSpur

    Cycling performance and comfort

    Enhance your cycling experience beyond your current limits with our scientifically proven SaddleSpur design. Designed in Britain, and engineered for stability, enhanced performance, and comfort, this unisex short saddle provides the fifth, secure, point of cycling contact (“coccyx connection”) and a platform to enable you to focus your energy on an enhanced cycling experience.

    • Short nose allows for a more personal fit.
    • Flexible base and a pressure relief channel for comfort.
    • Patented “spur” design provides a fulcrum for stability and enhanced performance.
    • Sturdy polyurethane padding provides comfort for body contact.


    For every ride.
    Using the patented vertical extension, and your “coccyx” connection, to experience more comfort, efficiency, and potentially enhanced performance. Engineered for stability, and safety, the short design lets you maintain an aggressive forward leaning position to optimize your pedaling momentum.

    Flat Profile.
    For an aggressive, forward leaning, position – suitable for riders who prefer an aerodynamic position which reduces air turbulence and drag.

    Engineered for comfort.
    Our special construction technique for the padded saddle bonds the polyurethan directly onto the saddle base producing a softer, deeper, foam - whereby providing more comfort, security, and stability.

    • Specifications

      • Width: 130mm
      • Length: 236mm
      • Rails: Spring Steel 7 x 7
      • Weight: 461.1 grams
      • Colour: Black
    VAT Included |
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