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Cycling Made Better
Cycling Made Better

You love riding. We love riding. But we don’t love it when riding hurts. Lower-back pain, saddle sore, bum ache – whatever you call it, it slows you down and sucks the joy out of cycling.

That’s why we created SaddleSpur™.

A totally different approach to bike saddles. Whether you want to beat your personal best, get fit or simply cycle to work, try the SaddleSpur™ patented design to reduce your weight and improve every bike ride.

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How It Works

Apart from the odd tweak here and there, bike saddles have looked and felt the same since the 1800s: an uncomfortable stool to perch on while your legs and arms do all the work. 

Now, SaddleSpur™ is creating the first real revolution in saddles. 

How It Works
Comfort By Design

Whether you’re doing 2 miles or 200, cycling shouldn’t hurt. 

So, as well as SaddleSpur™’s unique, patented spur and contoured design, we’ve added an extra layer of comfort with a specially fitted memory pad.

The SaddleSpur™ has been comprehensively tested to comply with the ISO standard ISO-4210-9 for bicycle saddles.

Comfort By Design
Easy Fitting

SaddleSpur™ may look and feel unlike any other bike seat, but the way it attaches to your bike is completely standard.

Off-road, road, hybrid, folding.


SaddleSpur™ is suitable for all.

Easy Fitting
Saddle Spur Is Different

The Spur at the back provides a secure base, a fulcrum, giving you more power with every push of the pedal. 

Your pelvic cradle is re-positioned. Your whole body is supported. Helping you use your body more efficiently when cycling.

Maximum comfort. Maximum performance.

Quality Service

SaddleSpur™ is all about comfort and performance. And that includes our customer service.

Contact our friendly Customer Service team at if you have any questions about our product, postage, or secure payment system.

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